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- Fashion Worx SMPC is established in Greece, with the vision of bringing popular brands from Europe and the United States into the local market.

- Fashion Worx SMPC plans to establish itself as a distribution company with a list of internationally - renowned brands in its portofolio.

- Fashion Worx SMPC is composed of a team of experienced, agressive, and professional individuals.

Why Fashion Worx SMPC?

To activate your brand in Local Retail and Travel Retail channels in less time than traditional distributors with coordinated sales and marketing actions.

To push your product introductions and/or positioning via company - managed travel retail, online retail, shop-in-shops and franchising.

To grow brand equity.


We are focused on brand development,critical for ensuring long-term sales and a proper return on brand investments.


We excel in protecting companies that use the brand owner's name or brands owned by public corporations.


To excited FASHION media relations

Marketing Support Above

the Line, Advertising

The central marketing team formed by experienced people, specialized in the fashion,jewlery & watch market will ensure a properly timed and targeted effort to drive sales in the shops.

In addition, we can do significant direct purchasing so we can achieve more visibility gor your brand than other distributors without reallocating costs away away from other activities.


Admine (

- The 3rd biggest autonomous Greek advertising agency

- Admine performs at the following disciplines:

   Strategic Planning

   Branding & Design 

   Digital Media  & Buying 

   Content Marketing & Communtity Management in social media 

   Digital Public Relations 

   Full Web interactive development across all screens & Operating Systems

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